Prayer Times Shia Jafari Windows App

Prayer Times Shia Jafari Windows App is a free program for the benefit of Shia Muslims across the world. It plays Bismillah at the start of your PC and plays Azan at Prayer times for Daily and Monthly for the current English month.

Windows 10/11 Prayer Times App


You can choose the Bismillah sound from settings, as well as Azan sounds. Currently there are 3 Bismillah types and 2 Azan options available to choose from.

Please note that Internet connection is required on your PC for this App to work.

This project has been designed for free use by XllenTech Solutions Inc., a leading IT Company offering IT Solutions, IT Security, and IT Support for businesses across Canada & USA.

Shia Jafari Prayer Times App for Windows 10/11 Devices, Certified App, Download from Microsoft Store

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