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I overridden(changed) islamic month days but it doesn’t reflect on calendar

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If you entered month days override entry from the options page or dedicated private page and still if calendar doesn’t reflect, chances are, you are trying to update islamic month days after english month has changed.

Remember, If you need to change islamic month days if different than default shown in the calendar, you should update it as soon as possible, but remember you must enter the new days before the english month changes.

On 1st day of each english month, during the 1st visit to your calendar page, the inbuilt function runs to calculate 1st islamic date on 1st day of the english month, once this process has run changing islamic month days will not reflect on the calendar.

If this happened to you, Please visit Troubleshooting page, notice the line at the bottom of the data.

For example, November 2017, You will see below values in each column

11, 2017, xx, xx, xxxx

Delete the line for the current english month, if you have already updated islamic month days, just visit your page that has calendar. it should now calculate and enter new line for the current month that has new islamic date.

Feel free to contact if you still need help.

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