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How to Add Events on the Calendar Pro

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There are 2 ways of displaying events on the Calendar, 1st by putting events in the pre-formatted php file. And 2nd, since version 2.5.0, by creating event from Admin panel->XllenTech Calendar->Add English event or Add Islamic Event.

Currently, Events can be one-off. Or English event can be recurring Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. And Islamic event can only be recurring Yearly.

It shows Events scheduled by English or Islamic date inside the day box either inline text or text inside pop-up.

When you use php file to display events, It uses Green text for Wiladat events, Red for Martyrdom Events and Black for Wafat Events.

When you use php file, Events are shown only if the required file has data in it. Sample Data file is included with the plugin. To avoid accidental overwrite during plugin upgrade, The data file (xllentech-calendar-data.php) needs to be in the active theme folder(Ideally, in child theme folder, if present).

When you create event from custom post type events inside Admin panel, you are free to format event content as you wish. And more features and templates will be added as we develop it further.

For php file event display method, you can download php file by clicking Event php file.

You can edit the file xllentech-calendar-data.php file and replace the event details, just make sure to not alter the format.

You can use any free php editor, so, it’s easy to avoid altering the format.
You can change day, month, event type and description as you need and delete rest of the lines.
See Screenshot of the File Content:
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